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Car Detailing in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Do you remember how your car looked when you drove it off the lot? Let Clean Getaway Car Wash & Detail Center remind you. As countless local drivers' first choice for car detailing in Jacksonville, FL, we pride ourselves on our attention to every item on a vehicle. Our car detailer team scours every nook and cranny of your car, truck, or SUV and leaves it looking as clean as the day you purchased it. Visit us soon to experience a cleaner driving experience.

The Lowest Car Detailing Prices in Town

Choose our car detailing specialists and discover a better way to keep your car in great condition. Our team saves you time and money on an essential part of your maintenance routine with daily deals. Drop by either of our convenient locations on any day of the week and enjoy the lowest car detailing prices on your favorite services. Be sure to ask how you can save 20% on a comprehensive detailing package or ask about special offers for ladies, senior citizens, and military personnel.

Effective & Efficient Car Detailer

Place your trust in a car detailer with more than four decades of experience. As industry veterans, we're dedicated to delivering the best car detailing experience with the smallest environmental impact. That's why we use only recycled water at each of our locations. Professional detailers dispose of soap-filled water safely, so skip your driveway detailing session and leave the work to us.

Car Detailing Jacksonville Beach FL

Highly Convenient Mobile Car Detailer

Skip the hassle of visiting a wash facility and leave the car detailing to our team. Our mobile car detailer team brings cheap car detailing right to your door. We understand that your schedule is busy—that's why we make requesting our services simple. Get in touch with us any time to schedule your session; we come to your workplace, home, or even the mall if you wish. Ask a member of our crew about any applicable discounts when you call.

The Importance of Regular Car Detailing

Cleaning your vehicle yourself places both your car and your local waterways at risk. Runoff from soaps and other chemicals can taint ponds and streams—plus, do you have the tools necessary to care for your vehicle's interior? Leather and other surfaces require specialized attention from a professional car detailing team.

Scheduled car detailing can extend the attractive appearance of your car. Detailing stops your car's exterior from degrading under the wear and tear that accompanies frequent driving. Though your car is protected by a clear coat, that coat requires regular maintenance in order to protect your vehicle's paint consistently. Rely on our team to wax and buff your vehicle to a shine while applying the protection it needs.

Contact us today to discuss your car detailing needs. We serve drivers in Ponte Vedra Beach, Neptune Beach, St. Augustine Beach, St. Augustine Shores, and Hastings, FL.